Save Energy, increase profits & reduce maintenance costs

We provide a managed IoT solution to reduce energy consumption & maintenance call-outs in large estates of small buildings such as bars, pubs, & restaurants

The Energy Management & Predictive Maintenance solution designed for Hospitality venues

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Track energy usage in real-time across your pub or restaurant estate, identifying inefficient operations or faulty equipment.

Automated HVAC Control

Smart algorithms adjust heating and cooling systems for optimal climate control and energy savings.

365-day Service Desk

Our fault detection & out-of-hours service desk operates 365 days per year to ensure we identify issues before your customers do, and make the necessary interventions to maximise trading.

Predictive Maintenance

Focus your maintenance on upcoming faults with state of the art, AI powered predictive maintenance to prevent critical faults.

Centralized Management Dashboard

Manage and monitor all your building's systems with a user-friendly dashboard

Remote Energy Management Service

Our team of energy analysts will proactively identify where the energy performance of your systems and processes can be improved to optimise energy consumption.

Improving your business

Harnessing the power of machine learning & wireless IoT technologies

We provide a fully installed, fully managed solution to reduce your energy consumption & revolutionise the maintenance of your systems. Saving you money, and giving you more time to focus on doing what you do best – hospitality.

OUr Value

Building Automation technologies designed and engineered for multi site operations.

We combine proprietary cloud technologies with automated building control to deliver a hospitality enterprise connection platform like no other: full visibility over the systems making your business tick and control strategies making your operations more efficient.

Our Vision

Each venue in your estate running at its peak performance.

We believe your chain of locations can work as efficiently as possible without interfering with business.
Our Mission

Bring IoT Systems and AI analysis to Hospitality businesses like yours.

We strive to design lean, effective enterprise energy solutions with rapid ROI and huge multipliers to help your business run effectively and efficiently.
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What we offer

Unparalleled efficiency across your estate, however many buildings you have.

How it Works

Unlock your business performance with efficient buildings.

Talk to us

Our consultants can quickly assess if and how much money our solutions can save your business

Pilot the solution

Our engineers will design an energy assessment pilot to identify specific control strategies

Staged rollout

Our teams of engineers seamlessly fit the control and visibility hardware in your locations without disturbing trading

Immediate savings

Your balance sheets show energy savings within months of installation, leading to better performance and greater profits.

Smart Control without affecting business
Our analysis enables your business to barely notice when it saves money until your balance sheets show it.
Reliable hardware

using industrial automation equipment means your systems remain safe, controlled, and reliable even through connection issues.


Savings after install

Our tested control strategies mean your system will save energy and improve your operations as soon as it is installed.
Savings in all places
Our system can connect to all of your equipment, making small adjustments where needed to reduce your electricity and gas usage which quickly adds up to significant percentages.
Premium Support

0330 660 0996

Our support bureau is always on hand to help your staff if your equipment fails, from predictively warning your managers about potential issues to quickly diagnosing faults to get your business up and running in no time.

A digital window into each of your locations.

Log in to our web based platform to navigate across your entire portfolio, checking current and past behaviour of your equipment

Automated control of your power hungry systems.

Unify the control of the things which use the most energy in your estate and allow your business to save while it sleeps. By monitoring operational behaviours on a site by site basis, you can create informed control schedules to save energy without disrupting your ability to trade. Make evidence based decisions with real time sub-metering of all your controlled assets.

Powerful data driven optimisation

Leverage the outputs of your dedicated data science team with bespoke reports from state of the art machine learning energy analysis software. This, coupled with millions of datapoints from businesses just like yours, allows you to drive effective change towards your goals of net zero.

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