Helping you towards Net Zero while lowering costs.

We provide a managed IoT solution to reduce energy consumption & maintenance costs in large estates of small buildings such as bars, pubs, & restaurants.

Control & Analyse

all the buildings across your estate

MyBuildings.Live, powered by Tridium Niagara 4 and Azure Cloud, is an ideal solution for multi-site hospitality businesses seeking efficiency and control. This powerful platform streamlines operations across multiple locations, providing a centralized, efficient approach to energy management and operational performance, thus driving significant cost savings and operational excellence in the hospitality sector.
Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Track energy usage in real-time across your building, identifying high-usage areas for improved efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Work on what needs work.

Automated HVAC Control

Smart algorithms adjust heating and cooling systems for optimal climate control and energy savings.

Centralized Management Dashboard

Manage and monitor all your building’s systems with a user-friendly dashboard

Advanced Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights from energy data to make informed decisions and optimize performance.

Remote Access and Control

Manage and monitor your building’s systems from anywhere, offering flexibility and immediate response capabilities.

Automated control of your power hungry systems.

Unify the control of the things which use the most energy in your estate and allow your business to save while it sleeps. By monitoring operational behaviours on a site by site basis, you can create informed control schedules to save energy without disrupting your ability to trade. Make evidence based decisions with real time sub-metering of all your controlled assets.

Powerful data driven optimisation

Leverage the outputs of your dedicated data science team with bespoke reports from state of the art machine learning energy analysis software. This, coupled with millions of datapoints from businesses just like yours, allows you to drive effective change towards your goals of net zero.

MyBuildings.Live optimises your operations

Lower energy costs & improved maintenance allows you to focus on delivering your services, not on running buildings.

Install monitoring & automation Hardware in your buildings

Analyse the energy and operations of your buildings

Save costs by implementing automated energy strategies across your estate

The future of hospitality: where the only thing old-fashioned is the drinks

We have 


Energy Use


1220  big box locations

Fridge Automation

HVAC optimisation

Lighting Automation


Energy Use


201 Hospitality Locations

Machinery Automation

HVAC Optimisation

Temperature monitoring


Energy Use


74 Enterprise Locations

Site Control

Machinery Automation

Lighting Control

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